Military Memorabilia

Our store has been collecting military memorabilia for almost 30 years from various countries around the globe. We carry items such as rare uniform pieces, medals, badges and many more. Our biggest area of specialty is Canadian (of course), American and German military goods. We cater to cadets, current forces members, veterans, friends and families of past military members gathering pieces for shadow boxes/memorabilia, the filming industry, collectors, history enthusiasts and to those who are genuinely interested.

A very unique collection we carry is the World War II German Nazi memorabilia. It is illegal to display some of the items we carry from that era in multiple countries. In Canada, there is no legislation specifically restricting the ownership, display, purchase, import or export of Nazi flags. However sections 318-320 of the Criminal Code, adopted by Canada’s Parliament in 1970 and based in large part on the 1965 Cohen Committee recommendations, provide law enforcement agencies with broad scope to intervene if such flags are used to communicate hatred in a public place. Westley Military Surplus does NOT support the ideologies/events that have occurred during the genocide and fully understand the historical significance. However, we do not believe that the symbols/items should be hidden from society. We find that t is important to remember the events and pay respects to those who have lost their lives. In fact, the store owner proudly comes from a Jewish background.

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